Strong Calf Compression Sleeves Improve Circulation for Shin SplintCalf Pain Recovery Leg Support Sleeve


Calf Compression Sleeves are comprised of 10% Spandex, 90% cotton.San-Francisco-49ers-red-folk-custom- Breathable knit fabric, gently close to the skin, adjust the temperature. The unique four-sided elastic three-dimensional weaving technology pressurizes around the knee to avoid injury during exercise and protect the calf muscles. ?Supreme Fit???You can obtain targeted and controlled compression with elastic fabric material. The brace can offer enough support and ultra comfort as well. Ideal compression is absolutely available to you without rolling, slipping or bunching.With upgraded fastening, the brace is convenient to wear and take off and suitable for most condition. ?All-around Calf Protection???Thx4 copper calf brace is designed professionally to support your weak calves. It is ideal for occasional and sporting activities, protecting you from injuries, calf muscle pain, inflammation, cramping, swelling, and soreness. ?Calf Pain Relief???Moderate compression can keep your muscle warm and preventing tearing. Speeding up the therapeutic recovery from orthopedic, sciatica, torn calf muscle, Achilles tendon, varicose veins and shin splints. ?Versatile Apply???It is appropriate for wearing weather you are at home, in office or doing intensive sports like fitness, running, basketball, football, CrossFit, cycling and more. Whether high or low or high impact, these enable you to warm up safely and recover quickly. The calf sleeves are also perfect for everyday use especially while pregnant, for people in retail, air travel, jobs as a nurse or in construction that require a lot of standing on your feet. Or to cover up tattoos!


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